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· Children must be accompanied from the car to the barrier by an adult in the morning.

· Children must be collected from the barrier at either 3.30 or 3.45, and accompanied across the car park to the vehicle they will go home in.

· Parents with only Infant children at the school, should vacate the car park as soon as possible after the school day finishes. Space is very limited and this allows parents with Junior children to park safely.

- Please do not park in the yellow hatched area in front of the school gate. This restricts the movement of vehicles in the car park and endangers the safety of others.

· Please be aware of what your child is doing while you are talking to other parents – are they safe or wandering? - This includes pre school pupils.

· Please use both car parks – top and bottom areas – it may be longer to walk up from the lower car park, but parking there eases congestion in the top car park where the children and adults congregate.

· Use of mobile phones while driving is an offence – this applies to the car park as well as the public roads.

· Please be extra careful when reversing into and out of car park spaces – young children are often below your natural line of sight.

· Cars should not be started until children are wearing their seat belts.

-Please do not use the staff car parking bays.

- Please do not use the road at the back of the school to drop off/collect pupils.

Our car park is extremely busy, particularly at the end of the school day, and in order to keep our children safe we must all ensure that we take note of these simple guidelines.

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