Kewaigue School

Enjoying learning and achieving, together

At Kewaigue School we have a collective vision for our learning community. It is something that we are excited and proud of, as it provides a clear shape and direction to the future of our school.

We recognise that we are on a learning journey and are constantly looking to ensure we develop the best approaches to learning and teaching. Children learn how to learn at our school. We focus on ensuring the basics are in place in order that learners can build on solid foundations. We have a clear, creative and coherent curriculum that ensures coverage and depth.

At our school, learning is child-led. Pupils are aware of their targets and they build on previous experiences. We cater for the individual learning needs of pupils, by challenging them at their level.

Learning and teaching is also enhanced at Kewaigue by sharing expertise in ICT and through regular training for staff. Children and staff also engage in technology projects that enrich their learning experiences.

By characterising the 6Rs, our children have been involved in embedding them across our school. Rewards and encouragement are strongly linked to the 6Rs meaning each child develops specific character traits that will assist them in being positive role models in their school and island community. All staff within the school inspire the children to succeed, and to do their best.

The children in our school have an interest and awareness of the local community thanks to regular educational visits to churches, farms and businesses. Regular school events such as fairs and concerts offer a further opportunity for the school to build strong links with the wider community, including raising funds for a school mini-bus.

The staff and children at Kewaigue are happy and enthusiastic so that all children flourish socially and academically, by enjoying learning and achieving together.

School Values

As a learning community, we believe the ethos of our school should be built on a foundation of core values. Learners at Kewaigue school are helped to understand that if they use these values as a framework for the choices they make, then their behaviour will be more positive and the quality of their learning will be enhanced. These values form the basis for the social, emotional, spiritual and moral development of children at our school.







These core values are typically promoted through activities, such as school assemblies, class based circle time and activities at break and lunchtimes. Children who actively exhibit them are recognized and celebrated through our ‘Appreciation book’.


• children behave calmly and purposefully

• children are able to reflect on their own behaviour

• children are more self-aware and self-accepting

• children are considerate to others

• children take responsibility for their own behaviour and realise that they have choices

• the improvement of listening skills

• pupils get more from their learning because they are thinking more before taking action

• increased self-confidence and self-esteem

• pupils know themselves better and are able to relate to others more effectively

School improvement priorities

As a 'learning' school we are continually looking to develop the very best educational practices to ensure the pupils' needs are met. In line with our school vision, the following areas that have been identified:

Developing our outside environment for learning

Enhancing our curriculum

Maths Mastery - using new approaches to develop children's understanding of mathematics