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There will be occasions during the school year where parent(s)/carer(s) will wish to take photographs or make a video recording of their child(ren) taking part in a school activity. These activities will include school assemblies, school performances, sports days, school outings and educational visits.

Increasingly technology is making it easier for pictures and images to be used inappropriately as printed material or on the internet. It is important that Kewaigue School takes practical steps to ensure that pictures and images of children taken, not only by members of the press, but also by parents/carers, are done so in a way that reflects the protective ethos of the school.

A common sense approach to the use of cameras (film and digital) and video cameras by parent(s)/carer(s) of school events

In order for Kewaigue school to ensure that as far as possible parent(s) / carer(s) use of photography and video is safe, parents should have regard for the following advice:

· Parent(s) / carer(s) must sign the dated register for each event if they wish to take images. By signing this register they agree that any images taken will not be used inappropriately.

· Photography / video recording must only take place in designated areas. For example, in the main school hall where the assembly or school performance is taking place and not in ‘backstage’ areas or school classrooms.

· We would encourage parent(s)/carer(s) with video cameras to sit towards the back of the room during performances to prevent obscuring other people’s view. Please respect the enjoyment of others.

Please note:

We would respectfully ask parents that images of children or members of staff taken during school events are not placed in the public domain (e.g. on social network sites) without the prior consent of either the parents of the children concerned or the members of staff featured.

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