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International Netball at NSC

On Thursday 16th May, Year 5 were fortunate to have the experience of watching an international netball match between Gibraltar and France as part of the Europe Netball Open 2024. No-one had seen the sport being played at this level before. It was certainly very fast paced and we were all caught up in the continuous action. The children showed great sportsmanship by applauding both teams as they scored, the ball seemingly to effortlessly go through the hoop. On occasion, the ball would roll around the rim which caused a loud response from the crowd. The children were supporting both teams in a friendly rivalry, though it was the French team which won in the end.

After the match, Year 5 were lucky enough to have a chance to pose with the French squad. Our pupils were very enthusiastic and seemed to enjoy the whole trip, many expressed surprise with the sport - not having realised how exciting it could be.