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COVID-19 and Schools: Information for Parents

The school is currently operating as normal with some mitigations.

As a school, we have established our usual routines and expectations. This will help everyone to feel more settled and happier. A few mitigations will however remain in place for the time being.

  • Parents/carers must advise the Headteacher straight away if their child has a confirmed case of Covid-19.
  • Self-isolation advice must be followed if a suspected case occurs in a family displaying symptoms
  • Any child with any virus-related illness should remain at home.
  • Children must cover their mouth if they sneeze or cough.
  • Children will wash their hands when they come on to school grounds and during breaktimes and lunchtimes. Outside wash stations will be available for children and staff to use.
  • Children will have regular reminders throughout each day regarding handwashing.
  • Enhanced cleaning will remain in place throughout the day.
  • Children may be given use of an iPad or computer device. These will be cleaned at regular times throughout the day.
  • Whole school gatherings indoors (e.g. assemblies) will not be taking place for now.
  • External visitors will be limited and by appointment only.
  • Children will eat their lunch with children from their class on the same table in the lunch hall. Children on packed lunch will eat outside on the benches with children from their class, under supervision. If it is raining, they will eat them in their classroom (under supervision).

Please refer to the Government website for the latest guidance and information: